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Sierk Orthodontics launches new web site, distributes mouthguards and continues
to be a resource in state-of-the-art orthodontics

By Kathy A. Conrad

Not a day goes by when they’re not looking out for someone else — getting school kids to and from their orthodontic appointments, participating in food drives, and/or collecting gifts to send to U.S. armed forces overseas.

Their community outreach is an extension of the day-to-day camaraderie and friendship shared amongst themselves and with their patients.

Meet orthodontist Christopher Sierk and his team–Terri, Shelly, Elki, Marie, Jamie and LaShawnda. Dr. Sierk and his team serve the Tigard and West Linn communities–with satellite offices in Sherwood and Lake Oswego–offering state-of-the-art orthodontic techniques and custom-tailored treatment plans.

Today, both offices have fully integrated themselves in internal and external community involvement.

“This is our home–it’s where we live, work and play,” offers Dr. Sierk, “and embracing our community is part of who we are.”

Patient care at Sierk Orthodontics is greatly enhanced by keeping the team abreast of new office practices and orthodontic treatments.

“Patients have already benefited from the knowledge and skills my staff and I brought back from an out-of-state conference we attended earlier this month,” states Dr. Sierk.

Region-wide interaction with children and their parents has Dr. Sierk and his staff on their toes. A transportation program that shuttles West Linn, Tualatin and Tigard middle school children to and from their orthodontic appointments got underway

in September. Additionally, dental hygiene and an introduction to orthodontics are made available to school children by way of field trips to Dr. Sierk’s office or through classroom presentations.

“We are proactive in our approach to community outreach,” explains Dr. Sierk. “We actively seek opportunities to be involved.”

There is no better example of this than Dr. Sierk’s football mouthguard program. For the past two years West Linn Youth Football players received a complimentary, custom-made mouthguard to protect their teeth during football practice and games. This includes dental impressions and fittings for each player.

“Our effort to create relationships and trust within the community,” says Dr. Sierk, “has been very rewarding.”

What Smiling Mouths are Saying

“Dr. Sierk is great with kids and his office is equipped with all the latest gadgets.” Steve and Julie Rissberger

“Sierk Orthodontics made my entire ‘braces’ experience as an adult patient amazingly comfortable and worthwhile.”Kelly Devlin

“They are a state-of-the-art facility that provides excellent customer service and thorough orthodontic care…the friendly and caring staff are professional and knowledgeable.”Kate Barker


Dr. Christopher Sierk enjoys his time with students from Stafford Primary School in West Linn on their field trip to his office at Central Village.


Dr. Sierk and his staff recently participated in the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists session in Palm Springs, Calif.


Sierk Orthodontics offers free mouthguards for all West Linn youth football players.


Sierk Orthodontics Launches Website

The World Wide Web took center stage last month as Sierk Orthodontics launched its first ever web site. “Our ability to reach new and current patients improves vastly with this new technology,” says orthodontist Christopher Sierk of the new website, www.sierkortho.com.

The site introduces users to Dr. Sierk and his team and provides a virtual tour of the office and equipment. Current patients will be able to view their appointments and personal account information on the site. The site offers an array of educational and informative articles, FAQ’s, and links to dental and orthodontic affiliations. Additionally, a community page promotes outreach efforts, contests, events and articles featuring Sierk Orthodontics.